Hi, I'm Jannik!

I'm a 26 years old, Northern Ontario lifestyle photographer who loves to be creative; whether its photography, designing, painting or learning a new craft!

I live in Sudbury, Ontario with my fiancé Nick, his son Jax and our two bullies, Maui + Titan.

In our household, jokes, comebacks + sarcasm are three big forms of communication.

I've always had a passion for photography, found in front or behind the camera, often in some field on the side of a highway or any location that would make for captivating photos!

Me + Nick

Creating Lasting


On July 3, 2017, I lost my father to a motor vehicle accident. He was less than 5 minutes away from home.

Like many do after a devastating loss, I looked through every photo I had, desperately looking for photos of me and my Dad.

To my despair, we didn't have half as many photos as I would have needed in that moment.

No amount of photos would have mended my broken heart, but in my grief, I felt all I had left were those memories.

You will always think you have more time.

The reality is, life is short.

And we don't always get a next holiday, a next time, or a tomorrow.

I've devoted my photography to ensuring families have treasured memories that they can keep going to for years and years to come.

If there's one gift I can give you, it's beautiful photos that keep you're favourite moments frozen in time.